Friday, January 23, 2009

IF – Climbing

So these two turtles were originally seen in the Darwin exhibit at the ROM, slowly cavorting around behind glass. Here I've imagined that the have escaped and are navigating the back alley obstacles, seeking their fortune – one more enthusiastically than the other.

The background is a photo taken with my new Holga camera. Michelle and I went out on an expedition Wednesday night, putting our faith in hand-holding and long roughly counted-out exposures, and it worked! You can see the rest of the images on my flickr. Oh foggy city nights, I love you...


Matthew Smith said...

Great illo! Love the Darwin aspect as well! The Holga is quite amazing fun...enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Meg,
Thanks for the pics. I had heard of this camera but this is the first group of photos I have seen from using it. It really does create graphic effects. Looks to be a special purpose camera only, that's for sure.