Wednesday, February 11, 2009

IF – Time

I sketched this one afternoon in August, in the middle of a vacation-at-home. As awesome as it is to go away on adventures, I love the indulgence of taking a week off to do nothing special at all. Being in my usual space, with none of my usual routines to adhere to is the ultimate luxury. Oh how I miss the green grass and blue skies of summer!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

IF – Flawed

I'm slowly continuing to work with the sketches I did while in Toronto this past summer with my Dad. It's fun having these on hand to play with when one happens to match an Illustration Friday theme. This particular one fits "flawed" perfectly – I still get a pang in my heart remembering my disappointment upon discovering the flaws in these dresses.

It was a rainy, foggy day. Dad and I had been for a long walk, down Yonge street, up and down and through the financial district in every direction, along King and up Spadina. Once on Queen Street we split up for a while, with plans to meet back at the pub. I had been wanting to go in search of a vintage shop which had been one of my favourite downtown stops when I lived out at York years and years ago. I found it – Black Market, a cavernous basement spot with vintage clothes of all kinds, plentiful and cheap. I gathered up a huge armful of dresses to try (it being summer, I was obsessed with finding perfect vintage sun dresses). I had at least 15 dresses, nearly more than I could carry. And not one – NOT ONE! – was right. All flawed, horribly. Too flawed even for a "Well, it's only $12.99 and I could probably put a different belt on it, shorten the straps, and..."

I bravely managed not to cry, and continued on to the pub to meet dad. Sitting at the bar, sipping my beer and waiting for the jazz band to start, I pulled out my sketchbook and pens and drew some of the pretty pretty (on the hanger) dresses, so as not to forget the hopes I had had for them.