Wednesday, February 11, 2009

IF – Time

I sketched this one afternoon in August, in the middle of a vacation-at-home. As awesome as it is to go away on adventures, I love the indulgence of taking a week off to do nothing special at all. Being in my usual space, with none of my usual routines to adhere to is the ultimate luxury. Oh how I miss the green grass and blue skies of summer!


Anonymous said...

Green grass and blue skies?? What are those??? About now--February--we have forgotten and the longing for warm temps makes us want to move to the desert, at least for a month or so. It's great to have unscheduled time but somehow I schedule myself because there is so much around the house that needs doing!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this illustration, Meg! It has a devil-may-care, mischievous feeling expressed so well. And I love the colours, the movement - the wave washing away all those routines of daily life. I want a week of this. Let's declare a national Avoid Routine Week for one and all! Cathie