Saturday, March 28, 2009

IF – Poise

Since spring is taking its sweet time getting here, I think it's fair to skip it and start dreaming about summer. I originally sketched this figure while sitting on a grassy hill outside jazz fest (or was it blues fest, or folk fest?) in Victoria last summer. The grass beneath us and the rest of the crowd was soggy but no one seemed to mind, relaxed as they were, sprawled out in various summer-chillin'-without-a-care-in-the-world poses. Poised to enjoy the summer.

I haven't pulled out the pencil crayons in forever, but tonight I just really wanted it to be me and a piece of paper, with no screen-staring involved (until the final moments anyway). It was fun.

Now, bring on the barbeques, swimming and picnics please!


Edie said...

Great illo meg! and your other ones too - i like your style. Thanks for the comment!

Di said...

I love the colours you've chosen, Meg. They speak to me of the vibrant smells and sounds of lazy summer afternoons. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Skip spring, yes yes, right into summer then off to the southern hemisphere for a second summer, eh! We need all the summer reminders we can get with this crazy weather hanging on and on and on and on.
Thanks for keeping I love Drawing alive!