Monday, April 20, 2009

IF – Impossibility

Earlier today I was thinking this was a difficult topic, since there aren't many things I think are impossible. But then I read Michael Nobbs' post on 75 Ways to Draw More and I couldn't help myself from grabbing a pen and drawing what was in front of me. Which happened to be a new pair of shoes I'm still drooling over... Problem solved.

I have got to get back to sketching every chance I get. Yesterday I was bored standing outside waiting for Darryl to finish a phone conversation. Reading Micheael's tip #20 (When meeting a friend, get there ten minutes early and draw something) tonight reminded me that I used to never ever be bored because a few minutes stuck waiting somewhere meant a few minutes to draw my surroundings. Knowing that you'll never be bored is a really great thing. Must draw more!


Coreopsis said...

That's a really good plan. I recently (finally!) finished up my last sketchbook, and since I haven't had time to get another, I've been carrying around a little one that I started back in 2003. This one actually fits in my purse, and I've been sketching people all over the place. I feel liberated!

Catilustre said...

haha, I belive you just watching at these heels!
Lovely sketch, very fresh!

Anonymous said...

Great idea to sketch while waiting--better than playing computer games!! and a lot more creative!! The shoes look like great fun.