Wednesday, September 16, 2009

IF – Welcome

Labour Day weekend found me in Kelowna, with my mom and sister, enjoying thoroughly the home of our friends Tess and Loic. They were away in Merritt for the first couple of days we were there, so their perfect little home welcomed us by itself. We settled in right away, sitting out on the back deck minutes after arrival, for a beer-chips-tangerine salsa-smoked salmon break, dodging rain drops and taking in the neighbourhood.

I was enchanted by their surroundings – the peaceful garden in its beginnings, jumble of small roofs, trees, laundry lines, bird feeders, and the low dry hills keeping everything contained. The smallness of it all, the better to observe the changing sky.

The next day we had coffee downtown before embarking on some exploration around the lake (through hail and rainbows). I was reveling in having my sister there in front of me instead of at the end of a phone line, and tried to capture her in a quick gesture. It didn't go so well, so I kept at it, trying to loosen up and see what I could get at in a few seconds each time. Somewhere in here is Tessa. She is all four of these I guess, or somewhere between them. I could happily keep drawing her forever – probably never getting it quite right but enjoying the experiment all along.


paula said...

Great story to go along with the sketches, Meg!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, keep practicing, would never know it was Tessa. love the sketch of the town.