Thursday, June 24, 2010

Walking Harwood

Walking the same four blocks of Harwood Street each morning, a few of the things I've seen... More to come. It keeps this walk interesting, these strange sequences of things. Earlier this week it was the tiniest dead bird, a broccoli stalk, then a fallen nest. For a couple of weeks I watched the same abandoned 4-year-old's pink rain boot move from the curb to the top of a mailbox, to a bush, and then finally disappear.


Anonymous said...

what an observant person you are and a great idea for sketches. loved the pink boot details.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... love it... those daily observations of our own small world,our daily routes... taking time to note the details, and it always amazes me as to what my eye catches, what jumps out at me. It's quite an inventory you have catalogued here. I love your puddles and the crow... those clever birds that are dive bombing innocent folks in front of my house at present.

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