Monday, July 09, 2007

Illustration Friday – Geeky

On Saturday I wanted to go to the beach. Also on my to do list for the day was Illustration Friday – Geeky. I thought, great, there will be lots of geeky people at the beach I can draw! Hmmm. Turns out that really, sincerely geeky people don't hang out at the beach so much. Not at Sunset Beach anyway. So I spent the day looking around wondering, could she be geeky? Is he a geek? Are they doing something that could be considered geeky in any way at all? So here I present for consideration, a compendium of things that may or may not be geeky beach activities. You decide.

1 comment:

Nancy Bea Miller said...

The chess and travel scrabble seem a little suspect, but not sure about the other things! ;->
Cute compendium though.