Friday, September 21, 2007

Kleenex is the new paintbrush

A while ago I found myself hunting through Loomis with Laura and couldn't resist buying some new coloured inks. Ever since I discovered these inks as an alternative to watercolour, I've been in love with them. You get intense, bright colours with all the translucent fun of watercolour. That day I picked up these gorgeous basic colours – Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow.

Then, a few weeks ago I made a mix cd and needed covers for a bunch of copies. For a quick but pretty solution, I chose to go with mass-production (photocopying a drawing) + customization (hand-colouring each one). As I sat down to ink them in, I suddenly remembered that all of my brushes were at work. Hmmm, how could I get the ink on there? I'm not sure why this was my first impulse, but I grabbed a kleenex, squirted some ink on it and started painting away. It turned out to be the perfect tool for achieving that happy, swirly, dreamy summer sky I wanted.

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