Thursday, January 07, 2010

Sketchbook highlights: Nov/Dec 09

I finished a little sketchbook last month, and am now beginning to work through another, but wanted to take a quick look back. Below are a few glimpses of November and December.

My one resolution for the year (I discovered last year that if I make just one it actually happens – I'm now a bread maker!) is to dedicate at least 15 minutes of each day to drawing. So, I plan to share daily sketches here a lot more often now.

I contemplated starting a daily drawing project – 365 something... But after thinking for a few weeks, I hadn't been able to decide on what project would be just right for me. At the moment it feels too restrictive to focus on one subject or concept, so I'm just going to draw whatever catches my eye or is stuck in my head and see drawing every day as an accomplishment in itself and a catalyst for so many other things. We'll see how it goes, and if a project idea does surface that I'm excited about and I change my approach, you'll be the first to know.

On the skytrain

On the bus on the way to the dentist, obsessing about being late and watching a man who looked like he was as worried as I; at the dentist – composing this illustration in my head to distract myself from the horridness

The beginnings of an alphabet drawn after watching an under the sea IMAX film with our nieces

At Erin's place in Whistler, a rather unorthodox Mrs Potato Head asked me to draw her portrait

Having lunch at Finch's for the first time ever – on my first day of Christmas holidays


Anonymous said...

I am so so so glad you have made this resolution. Now I can look forward to seeing something new every week!! Thanks, thanks. It is great for you to share your daily dips into the swirling creativity of your mind!!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of following through with one resolution... and 15 min a day seems so possible...
And lucky us to get to have a glimpse into your daily world. I love the skytrain late-for-the-dentist drawing. Maybe if we all picked up pen and paper daily, the world would be a calmer, happier place. Cathie